Monday, July 6, 2015


Hello Everyone!!!!


Three-legged race

I am super excited to begin this new adventure with you. 


Well, it is not exactly new, just a new area in an old one. 


People have asked me why I am interested in doing this type of adventure. I will tell you! 


Of course, you know that I have been working with children for over twenty years. I have been working in history for about six years (although, it has always been my passion). My ultimate goal is to purchase a historic house where people can come and eat Mid-South food and play old fashioned games. This is the beginning stage of getting there.


Why the name Mawmaw's? Well, my grandmother was called Mawmaw. In fact, I have noticed that many southern grandmothers have that nick-name. This is to celebrate her and everything that she taught me.

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